About Balaban



Balaban is a national music instrument of Azerbaijani which is played as in form of reed. The beginning history of it began in the past; nearly 4 or 5 thousand years ago .It is very common in Middle Asia, Georgia and nearest east countries. About this subject Professor Rafik İmrani, Mecnun Kerimov (Azerbaijan musical instruments), Abbasgulu Necefzade (Musical instruments,dictionary of Azerbaijan musical instruments), Songül Karahasanoğlu Ata (Mey & method) and other people had given information.
Balaban, is a combine of two Turkish words Bala –(little ,young, baby )Ban (sound,fame,ring,echo).As a result we understand that it means little pathetic sound.These words are still used in Georgia.For example ;
- “Horoz banladı” in Georgia has the same meaning with
-“The rooster crowed” – in Turkey.We can see these kinds of words in “Kitab-I Dede Korkut”epic ,in the oldest resource of the articles of Maragalı Abdülkadir (1360–1435) and Evliya Çelebi (1611–1682) Till now many books were written ,also in Russian language .First of them was “Balaban School”written by S.Abdulselimova.He used the notes of the genius composer of Uzeyir Hacıbeyov.
Balaban is used in the Public Musical Instruments Orchestra from 1931 until now.
This instrument is played in many countries and this caused some changes on its external view and name. According to my investigations I would like to share these countries and names with you.

• Azerbaijan – Balaban
• Dageistan – Balaban
• China – Guanzi
• Armenia – Duduk
• Georgia – Duduki
• Turkey – Mey
• Korea – Hyanpiri
• Iran – Balaban
• Uzbekistan – Balaban ( Bulamon)
• Karakalpak –Balaman
• Kyrgyzstan– Kamish Sirnay
• Japan – Hichiriki



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