Alihan Samedov was born in a family of musician in Azerbaijan. Completing his primary education successfully, Samedov took an influential music education in an eminent music school of his time. Then he graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogy University for the profession of teaching in 1990.
He is capable of playing quite a few wind instruments such as balaban, clarinet, tutek, horn, oboe, saxophone and also plays Azerbaijani Local Folk Instruments with a great mastery. Samedov speaks Russian well, and at the same time he’s a good chess master.

Since 1993, he moved to Turkey to develop his musical works even more, and he continued his researches on Turkish Folk and Turkish Classical Art Music. So, balaban that was used professionally by him could take attention of prominent music organizations in a short period of time.

Having conquered the soul of his funs with the first album that is called BALABAN, he has been considered the virtuoso of balaban in a music universe. The sound of Balaban which he plays is heard in many TV program credits, movie soundtracks, and documentary films in Turkey and all around the world. Thanks to his hard work, the sound of balaban was added to the electronic keyboard instruments that are being produced by the firm of Casio. In order to present the national musical instrument of Azerbaijan to the future generations he continues his work in one of his motherlands Turkey.

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